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About Us brings together cumulative wisdom of insight & research professionals, business intelligence specialists, ad planners, branding & marketing strategists with data analysts and tech providers to discuss new approaches to providing effective marketing and business insights.  Whether you are working within a corporate or a brand owner, or as a trusted agency or consultancy supplier, this is the place to learn from shared challenges, hear new ideas and focus on business solutions.

You will find a unique mix of the latest thinking in AI, qualitative research, machine learning, neuroscience, behavioural economics, quantitative approaches and big data – combining a practical approach with innovative ideas.

The hub aims to make the complicated more understandable and to steer your team, your business and your career towards a more successful future.

PARTNERSHIPS provides industry practitioners a forum to explore how best to deliver effective insights that will drive business strategy.

The case studies, research papers, discussion groups, webinars and events delivered under the umbrella will combine a practical approach with a commitment to explore innovative thinking. Your company has the opportunity to contribute to the unique mix of the latest thinking in qualitative research, neuroscience, behavioural economics, quantitative approaches, data mining and data integration – to build recognition for your expertise and deliver tangible business leads. recognises that insight, research and data teams are under pressure to deliver effective insights (rather than just facts and information). The proliferation of data is complicating the business of delivering that insight: challenging traditional methodologies, requiring more skills and raising the expectations of business leadership teams. The hub provides you with the channel to reach an audience of decision makers who recognise that they need to embrace change and invest in new solutions in order to drive their teams and their business to a more successful future.

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