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Assisted, guided and embedded: The future of insight & analytics

Assisted, guided and embedded: The future of insight & analytics

Do you work in an insight team, an agency or a tech firm building product for researchers?

These are three big trends in insight and analytics that you need to be on top of.

1. Assisted insights

There has been a LOT of noise around automation over the last few years:

The payback potential is huge: get more done in less time, deliver quicker, focus on telling smarter stories … the platform vendors have done a great job beating these drums.

And insight teams are transforming fast: they’ve built the business cases, chosen the technologies, done the training sessions.

And then what?

Like a creeping hangover, there’s a slow dawning realisation that it’s not all that simple.

Buying good software and showing people how to use it is only half the story. Nick Bonney has an excellent article here on rolling out enterprise dashboard platforms.

[Spoiler alert: it’s a lot of work.]

These solutions always need effort to make them pay back properly.

They don’t always work exactly as you expected. That doesn’t make you a stupid buyer or the vendor a liar; it’s just that things get lost in translation during a sales process.

You find there’s a bandwidth issue. The new solution was supposed to free up time; but somehow it takes up more time. How did that happen?

And then – in spite of it all – you miss the flexibility if humans. You’re spending less on agencies because you’ve bought the platform. But you can’t phone the platform and ask its opinion. You can’t bounce ideas off it. And it won’t go above and beyond for you.

Software is such a Jobsworth.

[Is that just a British thing? Sorry.]

So the pendulum swings gently back from fully automated insight to something more like assisted insight: technology with a bit of help.

What does this mean in practice?

Here are some examples.

Agencies building hybrid tech/services offers

It’s no secret that agency business models are under pressure, and many are reinventing their offer by bundling managed services and technology into a single proposition.

For some, this is a step on a journey to building standalone SaaS products; but for many, their offers will remain hybrid.

The technology is there to help deliver faster, more consistently and at better margin. But people remain a key piece of the value – to help clients manage projects, and interpret the results.

DVJ Insights, a Dutch-headquartered agency, launched easy2survey – essentially packaged research methodologies with standard surveys and turnaround times of 24 hours.

It’s like self-service research – fast and low cost – but with a project manager to help finalise the spec, deal with tricky samples and follow up with questions about the results.

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