Brand Marketing Summit

22nd September 2020 | London


Marketing is dead: Engagement is Alive. Reinvent your marketing, develop customer and data-led strategies, create unique customer conversations that cut through the noise. The Brand Marketing Summit is THE premier gathering for marketers, brand leaders, visionaries and innovators who are dedicated to engaging marketers. The conference will be held on 11th June at the etc.venues Monument in central London, featuring keynote addresses, inspiring case-studies, panel discussions and round-tables all aimed at learning and sharing best practices.

The time for a big branding strategy across channels, targets, devices and time has never been more critical ... and it is high time marketers talked about it. Consumers are blinded by clutter and deafened by noise. Without a clear identity in consumers' lives and the strategy for communicating it, no amount of data and tech will grow your brand. This next generation of brand marketing conference challenges marketers to engage the big question: what is your BRAND...and for what do your data, cross-channel and technology strategies exist other than to help build it?

Brand Marketing Summit will be one of the best brand-focused marketing conferences of the year in the UK. Bringing together CMO’s, Brand and Marketing Leaders from global and regional brands, the event will give in-house marketing executives all the skills & knowledge they need to deliver exceptional marketing, track success, and accelerate their own career.

Some key takeaways from the conference will be around the following challenges:

  • Reinvention of Marketing – Redefine your brand purpose and evolve your marketing presence
  • Customer Understanding and Personalized Experiences – Create data-driven personalized experiences at moments that matter
  • Engagement and Story Inspiring – Cut through the noise with impactful interactions that inspire
  • Attribution & Performance – A deeper understanding of performance in a multichannel world
  • Omnichannel Marketing – Create a consistent omnichannel strategy to deliver seamless customer journeys
  • Social Media Marketing – Overcome organic reach challenges, engage influencers, embrace new content formats and implement AI.

Brand Marketing Summit is designed for leaders in:

  • CMO, Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Customer Officer
  • VP/Director Marketing 
  • VP/Director Social Media
  • Director Customer Experience
  • Director Digital Marketing
  • Director Data, Insights, and Analytics
  • Director Content and Creative
  • Director Personalization
  • Director Omnichannel
  • C-Level Executives