Experience Leaders Summit

8th October 2020 | Global Online Event

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  • 08:15

    Registration | Coffee & Refreshments

  • 09:05

    Opening Remarks from Conference Chair

    Opportunities and Risks in Customer Experience Technology

  • 09:30

    Can Technology on its own Change Team CX Behaviour?

    insight6 is the world's first CX franchise, which supports more than 1000 UK business to improve their CX. What role does tech play to improve behaviour in teams?  How has "people leadership and mentoring" been effected by the tech? Can you change behaviour purely with improved tech? Jonathan, with 25 years experience in the CX field, will explore and challenging balance between "people time" and tech.

  • 09:50

    CX Trends: What do Your Customers Really Want?

    There are macro trends which are impacting customer behaviour and expectations - economic, technological, and environmental that influence the experiences we design and deliver. But, what are customers talking about when they share their experiences? 

    InMoment’s industry leading text analytics has been used to assess customer experience across UK Retail, and identify average sentiment, frequent topics and the key CX trends you need to know about today.

  • 10:15

    Showcase Presentation - E-Tabs

    E-Tabs has been providing cutting edge data visualization and reporting solutions for over 25 years. We help businesses all over the globe boost their productivity by making the process of producing their reports & visualizations quick, simple & cost effective. Whether it’s automating your key reports, dashboarding your company’s KPIs or simply improving the look and feel of your reports, E-Tabs can help.

  • 10:25

    Showcase Presentation - Motif

    Motif is a loyalty insights agency. We specialise in improving customer loyalty for our clients by using our own, bespoke Loyalty Model to pinpoint opportunity areas to increase key business outcomes –  retention, acquisition and spend. Our Loyalty Model, developed across a wide range of categories, incorporates 5 building blocks which measure the rational and emotional factors that define the customer to brand relationship.

    Many businesses miss out on all the potential business  benefits from customer loyalty, because they are not acting on the right things. Our approach goes beyond regular customer experience research, helping clients to achieve these outcomes.

  • 10:35

    Showcase Presentation: Sentisum

    SentiSum’s AI platform helps brands like BA, Blackcircles and DHL improve their customer experience by finding and quantifying their customer's pain points. As these companies interact with their customers, they accumulate huge silos of data. Hidden in this data lie powerful insights that would take human analysts years to sift through. SentiSum uses advanced machine learning to give companies the power of 1000 analysts, in real-time, and at a fraction of the cost.

  • 10:45

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • 11:10

    Round-Table Discussion: How Customers’ Experience of Loyalty is Changing in the Digital Era

    Customer Loyalty Research has suggested that in the digital era, it’s not just about the product or the service, it’s the entire experience the brand provides. The evolution of brand loyalty, data transparency and how to differentiate through customer experience becomes an even more important consideration. What do brands need to do in order to retain customer trust and loyalty?

  • 11:25

    Think Twice Tweet Once: The Art of Scoring Customer Engagement on Social Media

    Pete Doyle has trained over 3,000 shop floor workers and large consumer brand over the last 11 years in his company Social Retail Group. He will share with delegates how best to respond to customers on social media and his unique SRG Response Scores having analysed over 1.2M social media conversations in retail sectors in the UK.

  • 11:50

    The New Normal. How the Concept of “Normal” vs “Inclusive” Customer Experience Design is a Myth

    There is no normal as the only thing we all have in common is our difference. Bad design excludes people and damages brands. Good customer experience design offers alternatives for people with different needs and preferences. Great design considers these needs from the start and designs the core experience to meet them, triggering greater innovation and reducing overall costs. When this happens we all benefit, brand experiences measurably improve and consistency increases, protecting and growing revenues. Great design can happen when companies create open channels to listen to the customer experiences they are providing to people with disabilities or other strong, specific needs.

  • 12:10

    How to Secure Board and Senior Buy In for Digitisation

    A run through of the playbook the team at UBL UK used to demonstrate the opportunity cost, value potential and build the business case for investment.

  • 12:25

    Lunch & Networking

  • 13:20

    How Technology is Transforming Customer Experience in Real Estate

    With increasing pressure on the commercial real estate market to provide more consumer-focused products, Sarah will explore how Equiem and other proptech solutions are helping traditional commercial property landlords transform from rent collectors to service providers. Highlighting the power of data, analytics, communication and creativity, Sarah will outline how Equiem's technology is helping raise the bar for customer experience across more than 60 million sq ft of real estate.

  • 13:40

    Technology Meets Psychology – How a Robot is Surfacing Deeper Audience Insights

    Brands aren’t real. They live and die inside people’s heads. In this talk you’ll hear how deeper listening connects communications to psychological needs. You’ll hear how Linguabrand’s deep-listening robot, Bob, has delivered remarkable results for brands like Adidas, Cadbury and Samsung. And you’ll leave as a better listener - in both your professional and personal lives.

  • 14:00

    What the Customer Doesn’t (or Cannot) Tell You. Using Video to Decode Customer Experience Design

    Huge amounts are invested in collecting and processing customer feedback at scale, but customers often do not (or cannot) give you the detail you need to make changes to how you design the experiences in the first place. Big Sofa will demonstrate how video can be used to decode experiences: Showing how real customer behaviour combined with sub-conscious measurement tools can be used to find opportunities hidden in plain sight.

  • 14:20

    How can we Position our Insight teams to Drive Change?

    • What is the true purpose of a corporate Insight team?
    • Are our Insight teams currently in any position to drive change?
    • Which 5 pathways have the most successful Insight leaders chosen to improve the positioning of Insight?
  • 14:45

    Coffee Break & Networking

  • 15:10

    Enchanted Experiences and Where to Find Them

    What can Wonder Woman’s lasso, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, Frodo’s sword, and runic amulets teach us about next generation customer experiences? To find out, we journey through a land of wonders wild and new, and discover the deepest desires, we half believe are true. Along the way, we define a blueprint for a future where experiences come hand-in-hand with technology that delight our senses.

  • 15:35

    You had me at Hello! - Aligning Customer Expectations and AI Potential

    The appetite, budget and commitment to AI can be seen in even late adopting organisations. It's here and it's happening. But at whose request and whose benefit? What and who is driving the agenda? Is it the customer's boring platform, the inventors technological curiosity, the self serve cost saving suicide strategy? In a 'launch then learn' era where 'we can, so lets do' attitudes to corporate innovation often override a 'what's the problem we are trying to fix' progress model, where is value created? 70% of digital transformations are failing, so how do we ensure that technological advancements in customer experience create valued betterment for all?

  • 16:00

    Panel Discussion: The Influence of Technology on Customer Experience

    Panel members will discuss the importance of technology's role in extracting better insights to provide greater customer experience. The discussion will cover the following points -

    • The current state of technology and what to expect in the future.
    • Why it's critical for CX & INSIGHT leaders to be knowledgeable about what technology is available to improve customers’ experience?
    • What is the role for a human with the advent of AI and Machine Learning technologies?
    • How to get the most out of your technology and how to gauge success by defining your goals?
    • What is the most powerful combination of artificial and human intelligence?
    • Professionals rely on technology to provide the data and analysis of customer feedback, but it’s too easy to get stuck in the noise. How to avoid common mistakes when planning your technology strategy?
  • 16:50
  • 17:00

    Conference End