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Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 10]

Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 10]

Being Brave and Curious to Stay Ahead of the Curve

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In this episode, Rahul talks to Vice President, Group Director, at Digitas, Allie Wassum, about social media strategies and insights.

After completing her degree in just 3 years, Allie’s interest in politics and journalism turned into a career in social media strategies. Today, she talks about her decision to take on social media marketing in the early days of social media, and the many roles she’s held leading up to her position at Digitas.

How did Allie pivot from digital marketing to specialist social media roles? Hear about her volunteer work with Best Buddies, the source of her motivation, and her valuable advice for both her younger self and those looking to get into the industry, all on today’s episode of Data Stories: Leaders at Work.

Episode Highlights

  • “Find roles where you can have multiple hats so that you can learn the things that you’re really good at.”
  • “I would’ve told myself to study abroad, and to just soak up that time because learning wasn’t just learning in classes, it was also learning from the experiences that you had.”
  • “Be brave. You know more than you think you know just from your intuition.”
  • “When you see something, never take it at face value.”
  • “If you’re not able to think of the story or bring your own vision to something, the insights will never become insights, they’ll just be numbers on a page.”

About - Allie Wassum

Allie leads Social Strategy at Digitas USA with her team of over 30 strategists.

Allie has done social strategies for many brands, including Hasbro, as well as smaller businesses, tech brands, airlines, higher education institutions, nonprofits, pharmaceutical companies, financial services, telecom services, and baby brands. She has extensive experience in social strategies, having led many multi-million dollar influencer campaigns, organic presence growth from scratch, larger content programs, and community management and service teams.

Allie holds a BA in Journalism and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MSc in Advertising from Boston University.

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