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Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 2]

Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 2]

Learn by Taking Risks in a Safe Environment

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In the second episode, Rahul talks to Founding Partner at Day One, Abigail Stuart, about her journey in marketing research & insights.

Abigail started her career in market research in 1995 after graduating with a degree in Arts and went on to become the youngest ever Managing Partner at Hall & Partners Health at just the age of 28. She tells her story of an accidental interview that sparked her interest and led her on the path to spend over 20 years in the industry.

What has changed in the research industry since Abigail started? Hear it all and about how her company aims to provide opportunities for those who were overlooked by the industry’s “standard recruitment filter”, and she gives some advice to her younger self about entrepreneurship. Abigail talks about the interesting interview setups, some important influencers in her life, and she emphasizes the importance of listening, all on the second episode of Data Stories: Leaders at Work.


Episode Highlights

  •  “Good leaders manage, and great leaders lead.”
  • “Technology is just an enabler. It’s the people that actually deliver great insight and make that meaningful. Technology makes things better, and we should be embracing that.”
  •  “One of the biggest skills that we have is listening and the value of feedback. If you really dissect what people are saying, every single thing that they say gives you clues about what you should do next.”
  •  “In today’s world, being connected is really important. You don’t learn that until much later in your career – you think being connected and having a network is something senior people do, but actually, I think everybody should do it.”
  •  “Nothing is handed to you on a plate. It is hard work. Do something you love – that makes the hard work easier.”
  • “Be nice. This is a small world. Form those relationships, be kind, be fair – you never know where someone is going to pop up somewhere else in the future.”
  •  “Focus on building the skills of the future, and if you’re not getting that in your current business, go find it for yourself.”

About - Abigail Stuart

Abigail Stuart is the Founding Partner at Day One, a healthcare insights agency. Prior to founding Day One, she launched Hall & Partners Health in 1999, which grew to be among the most successful and sought-after healthcare brands and communications research consultancies, and was the preferred agency for 9 out of 10 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Within Hall & Partners, Abigail launched Open Mind in 2017 as a brand and innovation consultancy.

In 2019, Abigail started Day One, and by embracing technology for gathering data and connecting with people, they have been helping their healthcare clients make better decisions.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography from the Queen Mary University of London.

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