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Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 3]

Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 3]

Being the Change you Want to See

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In the third episode of the podcast, Rahul talks to Co-Founder and CEO of Convosphere, Jackie Cuyvers.

Jackie started her tertiary educational journey in the UK, before moving back to the US. After a decade of working in the US, she decided to return to the UK. She talks about her journey through her diverse qualifications and how she ended up doing an MS in Social Science.

Find out how Jackie acquired her coding skills, and how she’s able to stay motivated after so many years in the industry. Jackie offers young professionals and budding entrepreneurs some valuable advice, and she talks about her work to support and empower women leaders, all on this episode of Data Stories: Leaders at Work.

Episode Highlights

  •  “If you’re just trying to run a project through automated machine translation, you’re losing not just the understanding of the language of the dataset, but the cultural nuance and relevancy too.”
  •  “Don’t over-stretch yourself. Make sure you schedule personal time too.”
  •  “For building a business, don’t be afraid. Go for it. You can start by writing out a business plan… Don’t be afraid to talk to people about it.”
  •  “When you can understand that people are feeling anger or surprise, you can understand the barriers or drivers to adoption or switching. Then you have the potential to understand that experience better and potentially manage or impact that experience.”

About - Jackie Cuyvers

Jackie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Convosphere. Her background in Digital Marketing and Social Media Intelligence spans over 18 years and across 2 continents. 

She has extensive experience working with marketing agencies, management consultancies, and leading social intelligence teams. Jackie is a regular speaker and presenter, where she showcases the potential of applying social intelligence to strategic business questions.

Jackie holds a BA in History of Art with Material Studies from University College London, an MBA in International Marketing from Baker College, and an MS in Social Science of the Internet from the University of Oxford.


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