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Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 5]

Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 5]

Getting to the Root of Client Needs through Empathy

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In this episode, Rahul talks to the Managing Director of YouthSight, Josephine Hansom, about psychology and youth market research.

Josephine started her career in market research in 2001 after graduating with her BSc in Social Psychology. She talks about her journey from stumbling upon a booklet on psychology to finding her passion in social psychology and youth market research.

What keeps Josephine motivated in her job? Hear about the happy coincidence that led to her going into market research after her degree in psychology, how she’s helping young people become interested in market research, and the importance of storytelling and communication in research. Josephine gives some advice to young market researchers, some useful resources for managing time, and we hear about the great women who influenced and inspired her, all on the fifth episode of Data Stories: Leaders at Work.

Episode Highlights

  • “To be a good researcher, it is about communication. It’s all about having a conversation. You can only get people to listen to you if you’re talking in a way that they can connect with and empathise with.”
  • “As a researcher, it’s important to have project management skills and understand the craft, but at the same time, those numbers and insights are never going to make a difference unless the person you’re telling them to is listening.”
  • “As an early researcher, it’s important to be flexible and to understand that we have a lot of techniques up our sleeve to be able to elicit the insights that were trying to share with our clients. Don’t let yourself feel limited to those methodologies when it comes to answering your clients’ questions.”

About - Josephine Hansom

Josephine Hansom is the Managing Director of YouthSight. She leads a team of researchers to help clients grow within the youth market.

Upon graduating with her social psychology degree, Josephine worked as a project manager at CMRC and Vision Twentyone before joining GfK in 2006. At GfK, she worked as a qualitative research manager before becoming the Associate Director of Global Innovation and Digital Research. In 2013, Josephine joined YouthSight as the Director of Youth Research and Insight, and in 2014, she launched State of the Youth Nation, a subscription-based tracking study that provides clients with the latest youth trends and data.

Josephine holds a Master’s in Public Policy from King’s College London, a BSc in Social Psychology from Loughborough University, and is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

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