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Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 7]

Data Stories: Leaders at Work [Episode 7]

Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Fails to Work Hard

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In the seventh episode, host Rahul Jerome interviews Lewis Wiltshire, CEO of Seven League, a digital sports agency part of the Mailman Group.

Lewis’s dream was to become a professional footballer. When he fell short of that dream, he set his sights on becoming the chief sports writer at a national newspaper. He talks about taking his editorial career into the digital space after the advent of the internet, and how he was able to propel himself into the top sport media roles at various digital platforms.

With a background in newspaper reporting, how did Lewis adapt to digital journalism? Hear his thoughts on the future of digital sports consumption, and get some great advice on how to reach your professional goals, all on this episode of Data Stories: Leaders at Work.

Episode Highlights

  • “Don’t be afraid to move around the country, or move to different countries, for work. It’s good to experience new things.”
  • “There are more demands on our time and more competing demands on our attention now than ever before.”
  • “Digital is both a problem and the solution. Digital is the reason why there are more competing demands on people’s attention, but it’s also the way in which you’ll cut through.”
  • “Hard work beats talent. Whilst of course talent is important, throwing your backside out the door every morning at 6am, come wind, rain, or shine - all of that beats talent. I’ve known some very talented people that didn’t have the hunger, and they did not make it.”
  • “Digital is the most powerful thing that the sports industry can use to retain its special place in the world’s affections.”
  • “Fill gaps that the company needs you to fill, find solutions to problems, work unbelievably hard at it, put a smile on your face, make it fun, and you’ll find that your career will look after itself. Don’t worry too much about the next promotion. If organisations are good and they recognise talent, and you’ve got the skills that the organisation needs to fill a gap, then those opportunities will come. If your organisation isn’t the sort of organisation that recognises that, move on. Don’t be afraid. Go and find something else. Take risks in your career.”

About - Lewis Wiltshire

Lewis Wiltshire is the CEO of Seven League and Mailman (EMEA). With 25 years of experience in the sports industry, Lewis has been promoting and supporting the industry through digital transformation.

Prior to his current position, Lewis has served as sports reporter at the Hastings Observer, and sports reporter at the Eastern Daily Press, followed by 10 years at BBC, serving roles from Broadcast Journalist to Editor of their Sport website, and Social Media Editor and Digital Olympics Editor to BBC Sport. He then joined Twitter UK/EU as the Head of Sport, followed by Director of Media Partnerships, Global Sports Chair, and Senior Director of Media Partnerships at Twitter UK/Africa. He finally joined Seven League as a Consulting Partner in 2017 and now serves as their CEO.

He also makes the best tea in the industry apparently, a lot of people have commented! 

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