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Improving customer experience through social media employee advocacy

Improving customer experience through social media employee advocacy

The phrase ‘Customer experience’ often tends to get mentioned internally when things get spiky in business, such as when customer complaints arise during the middle or towards the end of the customer journey. But more weight should be given to a customer’s first experience of your brand.

A customer’s first experience of your brand is crucial and a human element in that experience is unfortunately all too often missing.

This is where an employee advocacy programme can really help. LinkedIn’s Official Guide to Employee Advocacy states that when employees share content, it’s perceived as three times more authentic than company messages. It also typically  sees a click-through rate (CTR) that is two  times higher than company shares of the same content. In other words, employees help you communicate more effectively.

It makes sense of you think about it – who knows your products and services best, feels passionate about them and can speak about them authentically? Who better to help you achieve cut through when we are all suffering from an information overload?

Who better to give customers that first brand experience?

The human element is immediately apparent in some shops such as Lush and Waterstones where employee engagement through products such as small reviews for customers can bring warmth and a trusted expert take into the retail experience. For a brand like Lush, which takes a stand on a number of issues, it feels like an extension of its brand values and wish to be transparent. Its employees success is shared online where customers can get an inside track on the company, such as learning about being a lush spa  therapist.

Other brands such as Buffer take this process on to social media successfully, where colleagues create a strong online presence through tweets, blog posts and articles etc. It is obvious employees have pride in working at the brand and Buffer has even created a public list of  its employees ‘who keep pushing Buffer forward’. The feeling is clearly mutual.

The critical point here is that if you’re even thinking about the employee advocacy space you’re ahead of the game. It’s not just about likes but leads through a better customer experience. LinkedIn state that only 3% of employees share content about their company, but they’re responsible for driving a 30% in the total engagement a company. Think about if you could scale that?

This year our social media advocacy software, Qubist, won a place on The  Future 50 2017 as one of the UK’s most disruptive companies. We believe that modern marketers need to put employees at the heart of their business to drive customer engagement, sales and improve the customer experience, so we built something that helps businesses do just that. It’s time that businesses truly uncover the huge value that is lying dormant in their employees and switch them on.

By providing your employees with a social media advocacy programme that delivers on your vision as a company and reflects your values, you can completely revolutionise your potential customers’ impression of your brand. You will be able to get your best champions speaking authentically and directly to customers about what they love about you brand.

And who wouldn’t want that as your first customer experience?

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