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Insight Democratization with Imperial Brands

Insight Democratization with Imperial Brands

In a presentation and live tech demo, Jamie Rayner, insights lead at Imperial Brands joined Elizabeth Morgan of Market Logic Software at the Market Research Summit 2018 in London to show first-hand how democratizing insights transformed a FTSE-100 company, what that really means, and why every corporation should do the same.

During the presentation they talked through the successful launch of the Imperial Brands cognitive insight platform, showing how humanizing research technology under their “Knowledge Connect” brand has had a profound – and necessary – impact on the entire company.

“The average lifetime of major corporations is reducing dramatically, from 67 years to 15 years,” says Jamie. “And with the business landscape changing at breakneck speed, organizations operating in multiple countries and continents have to find a way to harness what they know quickly, just in order to survive.”

Those changes are driven by technology, globalisation and climate change, as well as by tightening, fragmented and dynamic regulatory environments. They bring with them new products, new players and faster innovation cycles, and they leave no room for complacency.

That’s why the global insights team at Imperial Brands deployed advanced technology to democratize insights planning, ensure ethical conduct of research across dozens of regulatory environments and achieve efficiencies by preventing research duplication. Today, the Knowledge Connect project automates research activities across more than 100 countries in over 20 regional clusters, publishing the latest results alongside an archive of thousands of research projects.

“The key thing is accessibility, so everybody at any point in time is able to see the latest intelligence across the organisation,” says Jamie. “Insights is a role for everyone, not just something governed completely by the research team. Using technology to democratize insights means we breed the right type of innovation, and that really does require fast, agile information exchange.”

Jamie and Elizabeth showed what it means to ask a question and get the answers in an instant, why “self-service” business intelligence frees up experts to stop taking orders and start proactively guiding the business, and how a “knowledge check” before managers commission new research can eliminate duplication, liberating up to 20% of your research budget.

The session also covered key areas such as:

– How insights platforms leverage knowledge to share best practices and avoid repeating mistakes.

– What managers need at their fingertips to make evidence-driven decisions.

– How platform tools enhance project and budget planning transparency, while delivering “need to know”
security and ensuring new research meets compliance standards.

You can download the full presentation slides here – Market Research Summit 2018 

Elizabeth  Morgan Elizabeth Morgan Co Founder and Senior Vice President Marketing Market Logic Software Bio

Market Logic is a fast-growing, venture-financed company that provides marketing insights platforms to the world’s best marketing and research teams. Our clients include global brands from FMCG/CPG, healthcare, retail, high-tech, finance and communications sectors, and 600+ research agencies. Find out more about us here - Market Logic Software

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