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Market Research Summit 2016

Making research relevant to the modern world.

The objective of the Summit is to promote open, collaborative and problem solving discussion between clients, agencies and suppliers to the research sector.  The event provides the perfect opportunity to review your strategy and your suppliers in an environment specifically designed to encourage learning and effective networking.

  • Join plenary debates on the business challenges facing client heads of research and insight
  • Hear keynote presentations delivered by industry leaders who combine experience with a vision for the future
  • Learn from the 12 NEW case studies – demonstrating solutions to a range of insight challenges across all key business sectors
  • Keep up to date with the latest research and insight solutions – whether a tech solution to facilitate respondent feedback or improve data management, a creative service that enables you to land your research results to drive business strategy or a panel management solutions that will deliver response


"Big data killed the quant research star" - or did it?

In a world of big data, client budgets for quant research may be under threat. Why recruit or use a traditional research panel when the in house data can tell the story? In this session, a client will share their views and our two agency speakers will pitch their innovative approaches to delivering cost effective and valuable insight on a quant scale.

Demonstrating how recruiting respondents through the Data Management Platform (DMP) used to support programmatic buying can deliver audiences hard to reach through the traditional panel approach. 

Phil Sutcliffe UK Board Director, Offer and Innovation, Kantar TNS

Understanding how predictive market modelling can harness the wisdom of crowds in a new and more accurate way.

Justin Charlton-Jones Managing Director, Blinc

Confirmed session for agencies and suppliers only:

How to win new business

Led by Simon Rhind-Tutt, whose career has seen him deliver exponential business growth to advertising and design businesses and who now advises marketing and management services companies on business to business relationship management.


How integrating insights from guest feedback and online reviews contributed to the continued growth of Warner Leisure Hotels

  • Providing a framework for more effective analysis of guest feedback
  • Integrating insights from guest feedback and online review sites
  • Identifying changing expectations of guests to redesign service offerings and refocus strategy
  • image
    Jeremy Hollow Founder, Listen + Learn Research

Building an engaged customer community in the research and development process for O2 Business

  • Creating a community that engaged every profile of hard-to-reach business customer
  • Understanding what goes in to creating a continuous conversation
  • Identifying which research techniques work best in the community environment
  • Real examples of community involvement contributing to the direction of business strategy
  • image
    Maxine Cook CI&E Research Lead for Business, O2
  • image
    Mike Stevens Founder, What Next & Insight Platforms

Using creative qualitative techniques to get to the heart of the manufacturing environment

  • Employing ethnographic research techniques to enable a leading global manufacturer to understand how its products are really used in the workplace environment
  • How a creative approach successfully engaged the workers to provide more in depth insights
  • Understanding the challenges of researching in diverse environments
  • image
    Kate Anderson Joint Managing Director, Breaking Blue Research
  • image
    Neil Criggie Research Consultant, Breaking Blue Research

How The FA is improving the Wembley experience by using text mining techniques to provide more effective analysis of fan feedback

  • Applying advanced analytics to verbatim feedback
  • Enabling cross analysis with quant survey and other sources of fan information
  • Creating an engaging way to share results to ensure an effective business response
  • image
    Ross Antrobus Head of Research & Insight, The Football Association
  • image
    Frank Hedler Director Advanced Analytics, Simpson Carpenter

Innovating how customer insights are shared with the business to transform from a product oriented to a service oriented company

  • Using an online platform to invite collaboration, share inspiration and drive innovation through the Dorel Juvenile business
  • Embedding consumer insights within discussions around a business challenge

  • image
    Tom De Ruyck Managing Partner & Insight Activation Studio Ambassador, Insites Consulting
  • MK
    Marieke Koningen Global Marketing Intelligence Manager, Dorel Juvenile Europe

When small can be beautiful in research

  • Authentic oral storytelling from a small sample of homeowners provides moving insights for Rightmove’s “Find Your Happy” campaign.
  • Building a catalogue of “home truths” using a powerful combination of consumer audio narratives and lifestyle photography.
  • Capturing the raw emotional essence behind the business of buying and selling houses to inspire the creative process.
  • image
    Mary Coyne Qualitative Research Director, Hope + Anchor
  • SL
    Suzanne Lugthart Head of Research & Planning, Rightmove

Do consumers really know best? Gamifying the research experience to understand if consumers can predict the best selling product lines

  • Experimenting with gamification to to test if consumers can accurately predict sales results
  • Using the results to identify which factors influence product success
  • image
    Marie Lewis Head of Customer Insight,
  • image
    Deb Sleep Director, Engage Research

Emotional journey - understanding the emotional experience of rail travel

  • What are non-verbal scales, and why are they important to Transport Focus
  • The process of creating and validating a new non-verbal emotional scale
  • Measuring emotions in the moment with a diary based survey app – lessons learnt
  • How emotional responses are adding new layers of passenger understanding
  • image
    Ian Bramley Deputy Managing Director, Populus
  • image
    Emma Bramwell Senior Insight Advisor, Transport Focus

Understanding millennials – integrating ethnographic approaches with large scale quant work to get to grips with “Generation News”.

  • Finding out how millennials get their news; understanding the power of news brands in a digital world
  • Integrating academic approaches to ethnographic study with a commercial, quant research approach to dig deeper and provide new insights into news reading habits
  • Transferrable lessons for other habit-based research challenges
  • image
    Kevin Thompson Joint Managing Director, Tapestry
  • image
    Denise Turner Insight Director, Newsworks

Understanding the optimum approach to using messaging-in-the-moment to impact on shopper behavior

  • Using an app and location based targeting to test reactions to push messaging
  • Integrating the digital research approach with traditional quant and purchasing data to dig deeper into behavioural response
  • Creating a single coherent story from a mass of data
  • Creating a blueprint for a mobile messaging solution for retailers
  • image
    Colin Deller Sales & Operations Director, Aimia Intelligent Research

Adapting employee research approaches to the contemporary global workforce culture

  • Why this global organisation found traditional employee research and HR tracking to be less relevant to its structure and ambition
  • How taking a new approach got closer to the organisational DNA
  • From Sweden to Greece, Canada to the UK, the results of this global survey challenge stereotypes and defy received wisdom
  • Using the results to structure the HR approach
  • image
    Ian McVey Head of Enterprise Northern Europe, Qualtrics

Kaz: using a crowd sourced community to shed new light on product performance in the medical appliance sector

  • Creating a targeted community to provide reliable, multi-validated user insight
  • Uncovering the marketing problem and defining the solution in the same process
  • image
    Guy White Founder & Managing Director, Catalyx

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