5th June 2019 | London



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  • 08:00

    Registration | Coffee & Refreshments

  • 08:45

    Conference Chair - Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • 08:50

    Connecting the Dots

    • What is the true role of an Insight team?
    • What does it mean to connect the dots in a large organisation?
    • Does your organisation hunt for insights? Or farm accumulated insight?
  • 09:05

    Panel: Innovation in the World of Customer Insight

    • What is going on in the world of customer insight? 
    • Who provides insight to the 21st century corporation? 
    • Where are clients today getting their insights from and how is that going to change in the future? 
    • What does that mean for the traditional market research? 
    • How do brand and PR agencies think about bringing insight for their clients today?
    Cristina  Petcu
    Cristina Petcu
    Research Director , Sony Pictures Television EMEA
  • 09:35

    Research Automation will Improve the Strategic Impact and Status of Insight Teams. Discuss

    • Automating removes the tactical parts of the job, allows better focus on strategy
    • Automation will make insight teams more operational, all about the software

    Where do you stand on the debate? Will our panellists change your perception? Share your own views and put across your arguments for and against automation during this collaborative exchange.

    Rhea Fox
    Rhea Fox
    Head of Insight & Strategy, Aviva
    George  Davidson
    George Davidson
    Consumer Insights Director Europe, Intercontinental Hotels Group
    James Turner
    James Turner
    Founder & CEO, Delineate
  • 10:05

    Networking Break

    Refreshments served in the Exhibition & Networking Foyer

  • 10:30

    Two Streams

    • Stream 2 - More London

    • 10:35

      Un-Charted Territory: Getting Away from "Just in Case" Tables

      During this session, we’ll talk about how the market research industry needs to leave the past behind them and start delivering better outputs to their clients.  At Data Liberation, our ethos is in our name: we want people to get the most out of their data, with as little effort as possible.Along with DJS Research, we’ll discuss just how we think that should happen; allowing the research team to focus on delivering strategic analysis and storytelling, rather than spending their time charting endless data, ‘just in case’.

      Attendees will receive a whistle-stop tour of the things we believe are simple changes to deliverables, that will not only excite clients, but show them that quality and speed, can go hand in hand.

    • 10:35

      Low Engagement? Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue!

      We offer you two approaches to reduce no-response in surveys.In our aim to improve respondent experience, we tested the use of two innovative technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence to improve survey engagement: 1) Google Vision API for classifying images and 2) a voice recognition tool to convert voice input to text. 

      In this session, we’ll explain how you can use these methods to offer better respondent experience. 

  • 10:55

    Three Streams

    • Stream 3 - More London

    • 11:00

      Developing a Podcast Strategy that works across Continents and Cultures

      BBC World Service English (WSE) reaches 75m people weekly around the world, but wanted to connect with younger digital/non-radio audiences, globally. Podcasts seemingly provided a great opportunity to do this but little information was available. This resulted in them commissioning Firefish to undertake the biggest study of its kind ever, illuminating the podcast landscape and understanding, for the first time ever, global podcast user drivers and motivations. These insights - married with the BBC’s own data - have revolutionised the WSE approach to podcasting, transforming everything from imagery/titles and marketing strategy to the subject matter, tone, and commissioning process.

      Come along to hear:

      • The innovative agile methods employed to get to the hypotheses in a record time
      • Guidelines on employing similar approaches, for both agency and client
      • The results and impact that the research achieved for BBC WS and what has happened as a result
    • 11:00

      Not used, Not new but Next...Changing the Mindset of the Automotive Industry

      With 40 years heritage and 93% prompted brand awareness, Auto Trader is both a household name and the largest automotive marketplace in the UK. However, despite being a purely digital business for 5 years, many consumers still think of us as a magazine. This outdated perception risks holding us back from growing our consumer audience, as well as attracting revenue from new advertiser channels.

      Our challenge was to deliver a substantial research study on consumer car buying behaviours that would identify opportunities to attract new audiences to the brand, whilst also position Auto Trader as a thought leader to a wide range of advertisers as the number one destination for new cars, not just used. Hear about;

      • The importance of creating a clear journey framework to truly understand complex buying behaviour
      • How adopting a fluid, iterative research approach with extensive collaboration led to far better outcomes
      • Developing a clear, strategy to brand the research outputs has enabled us to embed the outputs not only into our business but extensively into the broader sector/industry
    • 11:00

      Connecting the Dots between Digital out of Home and the Online World

      Learn how imaginative and bold research can make connections between different media and platforms, and better understand the value and contributions of each.

      Those attending the session will learn how an understanding of subconscious brain response was used to explore the relationship between digital out of home and other media, and the priming effects that exist between them.  It will provide learning about the real (as opposed to claimed) impact of both content and context when people are exposed to advertising, and will be of value to anyone interested in how to leverage brand communication effectively across different media and get the best return from their investment.

      Content will cover:

      • The crucial role of context; how the same content performs differently in different situations
      • How great creative can be made to work even harder
      • How best to leverage different media platforms as part of a wider comms campaign.
    • 11:25

      Marketing vs The Machines

      AI algorithms in IoT enabled devices will increasingly automate purchasing to save people time. The danger for brands is that marketing as we now know it becomes redundant as AI uses algorithms to make brand choices. To prevent this, marketing will need to become supercharged to make people really sit up, take notice and feel it is worth the effort to add your brand to the algorithm’s choice criteria. This is about moving from mental and physical availability to mental and physical disruption.

      • Consumer attitudes and interest in IoT
      • The likely shift to algorithms making brand choices
      • How marketing can fight back to triumph versus the machines
    • 11:25

      Closing the Disconnect between Insights and Marketing

      With marketing becoming increasingly data-driven, the onus is on insights to connect into the new marketing ecosystem to drive impact.

      Sam will show:

      • Why a disconnect exists
      • How to design insight programmes that can connect through to marketing
      • Examples of the extra value businesses get from these connections
    • 11:25

      Client Only Session: Challenging your Organisation’s Perception of Insight and its Role

      Most client-side Insight leaders say that that they would like to take their Insight team on a journey, from being seen as a service function to being recognised a strategic asset. They would like to transform perceptions of their analysts and researchers from being technical experts to business influencers. But what are the challenges in doing that, and how do the most successful Insight teams conquer them?

      In this client-side only session, the Insight Management Academy will lead a discussion on:

      • the position of Insight in your organisation
      • understanding your team’s brand and reputation
      • insight’s role in decision-making 

      Panel includes several senior leaders from the client-side Insight Forum sharing their experience and ideas.

      Caroline  van den Bos
      Caroline van den Bos
      Head of Insight and Performance Measurement, Prudential
      Hayley  Ward
      Hayley Ward
      Head of Insight Partnerships, Marks & Spencer
      Tim  Downing
      Tim Downing
      Former - Head of Insight & Foresight, Molson Coors
  • Streams 1 & 2 (Contd)

    • 11:45

      Town Hall Discussion: Steering your way through the GDPR maze

      Join Kim and other panellists for a simplified blue-print of what you need to do to be GDPR compliant! Importantly, you will hear what you must prioritise and what are the minimum steps you need to take to comply. 

      The Town Hall format gives you the opportunity to pose your most pressing GDPR questions in an open forum to the experts and your peers.

      Kim  Leonard Smouter-Umans
      Kim Leonard Smouter-Umans
      Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards,, ESOMAR
      Rupert  van Hullen
      Rupert van Hullen
      Global Chief Privacy Officer, Ipsos
    • 11:45

      (Wo)man vs Machine: From Competition to Collaboration

      It is a truth universally acknowledged that client budgets and timelines are shrinking whilst the need for quality remains the same. When quantitative processes are becoming increasingly automated, is this solution even a possibility for qualitative research given its human-centric nature? If so, what are the trade-offs? Based on the results of a head-to-head experiment in collaboration with Danone, comparing machine analysis, human analysis and a mix of the two, this session offers practical insights for qualitative researchers wanting to learn if, how and when to automate.

      Content to be covered:

      • Details of the experiment and what AI and automated tools were tested
      • Danone’s evaluation of the outputs and final verdict – find out which was the winning report
      • SKIM’s agency-side learnings and tips for using automated tool during qualitative analysis
  • 12:15

    Lunch & Networking

    Join us for lunch in the exhibition foyer and partake in competitions for a chance to win great prizes and networking opportunities for meeting new contacts.

  • 13:15

    Panel: Reimagining Qualitative in the Age of Machines

    As the world evolves and technology, big data and smart machines come increasingly to the fore, are we in danger of losing emotional connection with the consumer and the emotional dimension which brings life to the numbers?

    • Qual and culture/semiotics – shaping brand identities differently
    • Ethnographies – observing, listening for all the unusual things, the unpleasant things, and up-weighting them
    • Qual-quant – how this works for different business impact
  • 13:55

    Three Streams

    • Stream 3 - More London

    • 14:00

      State of Media: The Customer-First Revolution

      For media and entertainment brands, content has long been king. But the transformation of the TV, film, music and publishing landscape by technology means that now, the customer – the fan – is king. Media companies may think they’re operating in this way, but the reality is that few are really grasping the opportunities for commercial success that a truly fan-focused consumer strategy can bring. Stylus reveals how key consumer groups are engaging with media, and how new technologies such as blockchain, AR and live streaming are set to fundamentally change media consumption habits.

    • 14:00

      Workshop: Turning Insights into Action

      How do we communicate insights in a powerful way? And how to make sure that they are used in the day-to-day job

      Join this workshop to hear the latest thinking and take part in practical exercises on: 

      • the theory behind the power of an insight 
      • how to correctly articulate an insight to better impact yournbusiness
      • how to let your insights flow in your organization
      • how to create habits for working with insights
    • 14:00

      Workshop: Embedding Company Values to Build a More Successful Business

      Company values are starting to feel almost too fashionable these days, yet values are a key part of a company’s DNA and its brand, and always have been. They differentiate your business, should inspire great behaviours, and align your team and future hires around specific actions in order to be to the company you want to be, and achieve the goals and vision you aim to reach.

  • Stream 1 (Contd) - Auditorium

    • 14:20

      System 3 thinking – The Secret Thought Process that Decides What we Buy

      “System 3 thinking” an unconscious decision-making process that has only recently been identified by Neuroscientists. Based on research among over 20,000 people, this paper will describe how and when System 3 thinking occurs.  It will demonstrate its importance when trying to link claimed product preference to actual consumer buying behaviour. And it will show marketing needs to change to influence System 3 thinking. The session will:

      • Describe a new research methodology that can be used to understand this System 3 thought process
      • Demonstrate how it can predict behaviour using a combination of survey research and store card data
      • Identify subconscious customer needs that conventional research is unable to identify
    • 14:40

      Waterloo Sunrise? How Research helped Manage Potential Chaos during Rebuilding Work at Waterloo Station

      Anyone working in London last August, will have been aware of the massive works being undertaken at Waterloo to rebuild parts of the station and increase its capacity for the future. Ten platforms were shut for three weeks and the train service was reduced accordingly. Planning began over a year beforehand and the first communications about the work went out in late 2016. Transport Focus worked with the train operators and the project team to conduct research which informed the communications activity and tracked passenger awareness of the work and the behaviour changes the campaign aimed to achieve.

      Hear how South West Trains and Network Rail managed passenger expectations of the inevitable disruption, ensured passengers were not caught unawares and as a result, grew customer support for the improvements.  

      Key outcomes show that:

      • Awareness of the work grew from 41% eight months ahead of the part-closure to 97% at the time of the works
      • Over one third of survey participants planned to work from home/elsewhere and one quarter to take annual leave during at least part of the part-closure
      • In the event, some of the longest queues during the work were for the free ice creams!
    • Stream 3 - More London

    • 15:05

      Connecting the Dots in Audiences’ Daily Touch-Points with News Media Brands

      Committed to becoming a truly digital news brand, WSJ sought a review of its multi-platform product portfolio to optimise its investment strategy, better support retention and acquisition efforts, and improve overall efficiencies. WSJ required a better understanding of its customers’ needs & behaviours, how they interact with the brand and content, and a clear direction for future-proofing the brand’s product portfolio. 

      Project Moments delivered unparalleled insight into audiences’ daily touch-points with news media brands, blending cutting-edge and traditional methodologies to build a detailed understanding of behaviours and needs, to drive real business change.

      This session will tell the story of how Dow Jones and Kadence worked in partnership to connect the dots across a complex set of departments, empowering them to see their customer in a new light, and drive product innovation forward including:

      • How partnership and collaboration was achieved to deliver truly actionable insights
      • How we blended traditional and cutting edge techniques to unpick conscious and subconscious behaviours
      • How insights were activated across the business to deliver innovation and customer-centric change
    • 15:05

      Life at Home – Taking the Plunge in 2017

      IKEA is dedicated to understanding life at home, in order to make it better for the many. But how can research about something so emotive and varied serve a wide range of people, from designers, to the media, to consumers at large? In 2017, we took a step into the unknown to transform the role that research could play in shaping what IKEA brings to life at home. The result is that we created something we could never have imagined at the very beginning…

      What you will hear:

      • Letting research lead the way: why insights are the key to inspiring brand communications (and what really happens when your communications team lets go...)
      • Going big on Home Pioneers: why we took a chance on a small group of people we didn’t know existed, and how we can all learn from their approach
      • Crafting in the open: how you can use a ‘writers’ room’ format to craft stories in real-time during a lengthy research process
    • 15:05

      Developing a Fixture for the future

      Innocent is set to become the UK’s favourite little healthy drinks in 2020 and have ambitious plans for the On The Go sector. As part of their plans for the future, innocent commissioned a comprehensive programme of research to not only observe and explore current behaviours, but to go beyond the hear and now and build a future view of the category. We will share:

      • How we tackled the project and went beyond more traditional shopper research methodologies
      • What we learnt – how emerging cultural trends are influencing shoppers needs and aspirations, and how the OTG fixture can better meet those changing needs in the future
      • How innocent used these learnings to create a fixture of the future utilizing VR technology
      • What innocent have done as a result of the research and how it has shaped their OTG strategy going forward 
    • 15:30

      Move over Mum, Dads also Deserve our Attention: Rebalancing the Gender Focus

      There have been several articles in the marketing press recently criticizing the clichéd portrayal of mum and finger pointing at brands that are failing to see mums as a collection of individuals.

      Are marketers guilty of casual sexism when it comes to the role of dad in the household, overlooking him in the assumption that mum is chief shopper and meal maker? 

      Premier Foods and One-MS will review how the role of dad has undergone a significant shift over the last few years. We combine both panel data and bespoke qualitative research to bust myths that grocery shopping & meal making is the sole preserve of women and ask if Modern Dad is a mis-represented man?

    • 15:30

      Using 360-degree Qualitative Research to Build a Picture of illegal Migrant Flows

      Hear how qualitative research can be used to help us see the bigger picture by connecting the experiences and views from a range of different informants to shed light on activities that are typically hidden from public view.

    • 15:30

      Dream Believe Succeed: How the Open University went from Insight to Foresight

      Rational research only tells half the story. Emotional and implicit the rest. Add System 1 to System 2 and you get more than the sum of the parts 4-sight! 

      Find out how a predictive Mind Model® achieved this, driving a dramatic shift in customer understanding at the Open University that led to bold, disruptive and effective action. Learn how:

      • Client and agency worked together using innovative research techniques to develop new customer insight
      • This drove step-change in the influence of key market research measures within the OU
      • And led to a new strategy with substantial commercial benefit
  • 15:50

    Networking & Refreshment Break

    • Stream 3 - More London

    • 16:15

      Insights Democratization with Imperial Brands

      In this presentation and live tech demo, Jamie Rayner, insights lead at Imperial Brands and ‘champion’ of their cognitive insight platform, will show how his global insights team has deployed advanced technology to democratise insights planning, ensure ethical conduct of research across dozens of regulatory environments and achieve efficiencies by preventing research duplication.

      Delegates will hear first-hand how Imperial Brands successfully launched the platform and changed corporate behaviour by humanizing the technology under their own ‘Knowledge Connect’ brand.  As a result, Knowledge Connect automates research activities across 100+ countries in 20+ regional clusters, while publishing the latest results alongside a backlog of 1000s of research projects. In a live software demo, you’ll see:

      • What it really means to ask a question and get the answers in an instant
      • Why ‘self-service’ business intelligence frees up experts to focus on analysis
      • How a ‘knowledge check’ before managers commission new research can eliminate duplication to free up 20% - 25% of your research budget
    • 16:15

      How Combining Data Sources Enables you to Win in the Market.

      In our Tender Business, our main challenge was that we did not know who we were really competing to.

      Tenders are built up by volumes requested from retailer’s distribution centers. Competitive pricing is essential for businesses in saturated markets. Fresh PL dairy prices are mainly driven by milk price, production costs and logistical costs. Fresh dairy can travel for approx. 300 km, all factories within this radius are potential competitors. We discovered an approach where we connected different data sources in order to come up with best estimate competitor prices in order to improve our value based offerings to the customer. Knowing to whom you are competing and what their costs base is, can greatly improve your value based offerings. (What is the value for your customer?)

      We will be discussing how to improve your offers and come to a competitive advantage. Learn:

      • How to tackle the challenge
      • What data to combine
      • How to make information into a commercial success.
      Ronald  Holtzer
      Ronald Holtzer
      Director Tender Business Europe, FrieslandCampina
    • 16:15

      Tools to Acquire a Deeper Understanding of Generation Z

      Falling participation rates in market research is not a new topic, but with under 25 levels dropping off a cliff, finding out what Gen Z really see, feel, think and do is nigh on impossible via traditional means. An experience-based research methodology is a powerful way to engage Generation Z. Their participation was astounding. From 100 participants in three-markets, the research got over 1,100 moments; 500+ capturing the brands and experiences they found most resonant; and almost 600 covering real in-the-moment payment experiences. As part of this, Gen Z shared over 2,000 photographs.

      Maciej  Partyka
      Maciej Partyka
      Global Head of Insight, Barclaycard
    • 16:40

      Policing the Digital Playground - Parental concerns and solutions in an Online World

      Most parents welcome the vast benefits that the internet brings to their children.  However, the perils of the ‘dark web’ are also front of mind and parents increasingly recognise the importance of building digital resilience in their children in today’s online world.  Our work conducted for Internet Matters sought to unearth concerns and the worries of parents regarding their children’s online safety thereby helping to develop effective solutions for parenting the digital playground effectively. In this session we will share;

      • How the study managed the sensitive nature of the topic being covered ensuring a non judgemental space for parents to speak freely
      • The loopholes and surprises parents uncovered throughout the research process
      • How the learnings have enabled Internet matters to understand their audience better
    • 16:40

      Building a Digitally-driven Solution to the Stress of Cross Border Bill Payments

      The onward march of ‘digital’ in FS and the pace at which innovation needs to happen, presents the challenge of conducting robust, deeply insightful research quickly and cost effectively. We will demonstrate how a programme of highly collaborative research (both with the client and with consumers) lead to the development of compelling propositions that were embraced by the global board and ultimately led to the launch of the service in one of Western Union’s key markets. In this session we will describe:

      • How to move quickly, merging data synthesis/analytics, stakeholder engagement, co-creation and global qualitative research to deliver compelling new propositions;
      • The power ofutilisingexistingknowledge and datafullybefore conducting new research;

      How to combine traditional and modern approaches to conduct global research efficiently without losing any of the detail and richness qualitative research delivers

    • 16:40

      Developing Disruptive Innovation in Established, Mainstream Categories

      In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape, where more demanding trend-driven consumers are calling the shots, how do established brands in commoditised categories stay relevant and innovate in a meaningful way? That’s the challenge that faced Brand Potential International and Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, who represent Irish food manufacturers. In this case it was the ambient cakes category, but the principles apply to any grocery category.

      Brand Potential and Bord Bia will share how they developed future-proofed innovation platforms for Irish manufacturers, drawing on the following principles:

      • Interpretation of insight from provocative sources - not just multiple sources
      • Creative involvement from the outset - so much more than stimulus
      • Opportunities and ideas – so much more than recommendations
  • Closing Session - Auditorium

    • 17:05

      Putting Insights at the Heart of Business Decisions

    • 17:20

      Fire-Side Chat

      • How Insight is active in an organization 
      • How Insights bring change to an organisation – what tools and techniques are bringing this change?
      • How do I do more with the insight I have? How to get impact and action on the insight I give
      • How do I bring insight to stakeholders in interesting ways and give true impact?
      • How is the role of Insight changing in organisations? / How clients are changing
      • The future role of Insight: specialist or generalist?
      Jemma Ahmed
      Jemma Ahmed
      Director, Global Market Research , Etsy
      Alexandra  Wren
      Alexandra Wren
      Global Insights Director, GlaxoSmithKline
      Mark Loder
      Mark Loder
      Market Research Manager, eBay
    • 17:45

      Conference Summation & Close of Summit

    • 17:50

      Post Conference: Networking Drinks