5th June 2019 | London



Market Research Summit 2019

"Insight in the Age of Machines"

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    Registration | Coffee & Refreshments

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    Conference Chair - Welcome and Opening Remarks

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    Plenary: Creativity and Innovation in Consumer Insight

  • 09:50

    Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation for Customer Insight Teams

    Kathleen Wiseman
    Kathleen Wiseman
    Head of Consumer Insights , STV
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    Refreshment Break in the Networking Foyer

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    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

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    Second Stream Continued in Room 2

    • 11:20

      Influence in the Machine Learning Age

      We are still human beings and nothing has really changed. Except, of course, that everything has changed – more precisely, technology has changed everything. We are now at a critical inflection point where the Math Men – the owners of data and algorithms – are sitting around the same table as the Mad Men – the owners of the creative process. Ongoing developments in the field of computing known as machine learning (which includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.) have fundamentally changed the way we both consume and create content, including advertising. Although this technology is still in the early days, content creators are already using machine-learning-based ‘robots’ to create everything from classic advertising spots and short screenplays to music videos and immersive retail experiences. This is the very same technology that underlies the future of autonomous cars. There has never been a more exciting time to explore how art and data science merge to create new meanings for the words creativity, automation, and personalization.

    • 11:45

      How The Telegraph is shaping its digital future amongst new and younger audiences

      This presentation shows how innovative consumer research can drive innovative new approaches without respondents having to say a word. The presentation will cover: - How people respond subconsciously across online and social channels - How age impacts this - How traditional brands can forge new and powerful relationships online

  • 12:05

    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

    • 12:10

      How to bring Data Heavy research to Life through Automated Animations

      So you have the data.  You spend a lot of money on tracking studies, NPS, customer and staff satisfaction studies.But who reads your charts, are people engaging with your stats, do they use them to create action?

      There is a lot of research that shows that using visuals to communicate data will enable your ‘audience’ to process information faster, improve learning and make it more memorable.As an agency, we have for 30 years been using video and animation to bring research to life and we have a new service aimed specifically at turning data into animations that will help researchers land their messages.

    • 12:10

      Creating shared value in Market Research

      Working together, agencies and clients can maximise value creation. Their focus shifts to more commercially relevant projects and influence the organisation. In order to do so it is necessary to change ways of working, look for and identify efficiencies. Cooperation is paramount in a relationship that is often push and pull. Small changes however can lead to a successful win-win relationship.

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    Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Foyer

  • 13:10

    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

    • 13:15

      VR/AR: An Objective Assessment of its Role in Insights

      AR/VR/MR/XR – Explore the terminology & technology, how it's being used today, and how it will be employed tomorrow. We'll also consider limitations and when it does not make sense to deploy.

    • 13:15

      Winning Hearts and Minds with Biometrics

      Delegates will learn about the world's first ever in-home biometric survey in market research, what it tells us about fan engagement, interactive online dashboards and the way in which second by second results can be turned into identifiable trends, and what this means for future innovation in research.

      Matt  Roberts
      Matt Roberts
      Global Research Director , Formula 1
    • 13:40

      Using AI to help Asahi Super Dry to understand what Japaneseness means across the world

      Asahi Super Dry has ambitions to become the #1 superpremium beer brand in the world – and a key part of that is to understand the values of Japan which can be communicated across the world. Japan has always been a fascinating space for people in the West, which is great for a brand rooted in a strong Japanese cultural identity, but which also presents its own challenges? Asahi and Discover.ai partnered to look at a broad range of cultural narratives to show how new technology can be harnessed to unlock what it looks like to be authentically human, against a back-drop of an aspirational view of Japaneseness on a global stage.

    • 13:40

      Binding Data to Create a Brocade of Strategic Insights

      While many people analyze data, not many realize the importance of the metadata that gets attached to data and the insights this can deliver. Often this metadata can become very important if the information is not entirely complete – for example, data from social media sources and other digital networks (media websites, review sites, search data, advertising data and so on). This presentation shows how the linkage of data and metadata from a variety of data sources can help deliver insights.

    • 14:05

      Leveraging Behavioral Economics-Based Research to Grow the Modern Brand

      With much of the discussion around System 1 insights saturated with topics on the collection and analysis of non-conscious data points, many researchers pay little attention to the application of how insights are leveraged to shape the course of products and brands. This presentation will highlight how vendors and their client-side partners can transform raw data points into actionable insights that can easily be applied to business applications and digested by stakeholders. Critical challenges in adopting System 1 research techniques include convincing cross-functional stakeholders that layering in new approaches is beneficial, and transforming operational workflows to harness the power of unique human truths. A better understanding of how to leverage System 1 research empowers researchers to champion their insights across their organization. Without such knowledge, valuable research may end up in the file drawer or disregarded by departments who can use it the most.

    • 14:05

      Storytelling for Innovation

      A 4-step framework for how to tell a story (and more specifically how to change and evolve that story for the different audiences that you might be talking to). Walk away with a tactical framework you can implement in your work immediately.

    • 14:30

      Getting Closer to the Consumer in the Age of Big Data & AI

      In today’s technology landscape, researchers have access to immense amounts of data that simply weren’t available not long ago.  Automation and AI allows researchers to quickly and inexpensively learn more about consumer behavior and attitudes without the need to conduct extensive traditional studies, helping bring brands closer to their consumers…right?

      But wait…are big data and automation actually getting us closer to consumer data, and further from the consumer?  Let’s explore MR tech and approaches that actually help us to truly understand consumer sentiment and behavior better, combining agile qualitative with other data sources for a complete 360° view of our target audience

    • 14:30

      How To Unlock Growth & Drive ROI Via New Methodologies

      Key Learnings:

      • How to evaluate potential new approaches, including implicit and behavioral approaches, to provide clearer guidance in addressing tough business questions.
      • How to challenge the status quo and sell new ideas and methodologies internally
      • How to partner with supplier partners to experiment with new techniques or co-create methodologies such as Implicit Psychometric Non-Conscious measurement, Distinctive Brand Assets and Memory Cue Recognition and Brand Activation measurement
  • 14:55

    Refreshment Break in the Networking Foyer

  • 15:30

    Panel Discussion: Craftsmen, magicians, storytellers: Why Clients need Brilliant Qual Researchers not another Algorithm

    Peter Totman
    Peter Totman
    Head of Qual, Jigsaw Research
  • 16:10

    Fire-Side Chat: Landing it in the business - Creating a place for Insight in the Boardroom

    Louisa Livingston
    Louisa Livingston
    Head of Customer Insights , Harrods
    Amanda Rhodes
    Amanda Rhodes
    Head of Consumer & Market Insights , Coty, UK
  • 16:50

    Plenary: The Key Ingredients to building a Successful and Fast-growing Global Brand

    James is the founder of the global pudding brand Gü. He is currently involved with another venture, a food brand called - The Coconut Collaborative. In this session, he will share his views and challenges around scaling a start-up food business globally. Based on his entrepreneurial journey, he will share his experiences and insights around product branding, understanding your market inside out and reacting to consumer feedback.

  • 17:20

    Conference Summation and Close