Market  Research Summit 2020: Call for Papers 

Submission Deadline January 17th 2020 


The Conference

Market Research Summit is designed for practitioners in market research, consumer insight and business strategy who play a vital role in enabling brands to understand consumer behaviour. The conference provides a platform for innovative, disruptive and passionate leaders in the marketing research industry who pioneer new ways of deriving actionable insight.

We are putting out call for proposals, keynotes, case-studies, workshops and topics for panel discussions that will form the agenda for 2020 Summit. We welcome anyone who has a compelling story to tell, creative and cutting-edge project to showcase or present game-changing technologies.

Conference Focus

The 2020 Summit will focus on three key areas:

  1. Ground-breaking research project carried out through a hybrid or new methodology
  2. Innovative use of technology in a research project that helped achieve outstanding results
  3. Collaborative approach in a project by partnering with a PR Comms, Digital or any other consultancy

We are interested in receiving exciting case studies on real-time research, social media, qualitative & quantitative methodologies, big data, next-generation technology, artificial intelligence, behavioural economics, gamification, crowd sourcing, neuroscience, knowledge management, data integration, storytelling, dissemination of findings and data protection/compliance.

Who Can Submit?

Market Research Summit is a diverse conference and would very much welcome anyone involved in the new era of insight. This conference is designed to showcase the talents of a wide range of professionals. It is a forum for various ideas, innovation, passion and forward-looking opinion.

In building a conference that examines the face of modern research, insight and understanding consumers, Market Research Summit would welcome participants in the following roles and beyond:

  • Insight Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Head of Market Research
  • Head of Insight
  • Brand Director
  • Ad Planner
  • Data Scientist
  • Brand Strategist
  • Digital Marketer
  • Product Designer
  • Futurologist
  • Economist
  • Data Analyst
  • Customer Experience Director

If you want to challenge, disrupt and inspire, we’d like to hear from you.

How to Submit?

Please click the appropriate link below and complete the online form to submit your proposal.


If you are including any clients/brands to your proposal ensure that they are fully signed up to the idea of appearing at the conference. We will not accept names that are tentative, even at this early stage. Please ensure that any permission required for the materials presented at conference are confirmed by the contributor.

Stage presence

First-timers are most welcome but please ensure that the proposed speaker has strong public speaking experience. Speakers who can prove a stage presence and ability to tell their story compellingly will be given preference.

Original material

If your paper has been presented elsewhere at an UK/EU event, it is very likely that the proposal will not be accepted. Priority will be given to original material only.

Multiple Submissions

We welcome multiple submissions from organisations and individuals as there are no restrictions on the number of proposals you can submit.

Sales pitches

Any submission resembling a sales pitch, or heavily reliant on trademarked products and services will be rejected. Such proposals will have to be put forward via sponsored opportunities.


If you or your organisation is severely restricted in what it can or cannot say about a submitted proposal, please do not apply.

The deadline for submissions is 17th January 2020.

Please email your queries to the support team at or call +203 006 2993.