Market Research Summit 2019

"Insight in the Age of Machines"

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    Registration | Coffee & Refreshments

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    Conference Chair - Welcome and Opening Remarks

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    Insight People in the Age of Machines

    James Wycherley, Chief Executive of the IMA, will start the conference with a fresh look at the people we recruit to work in corporate Insight teams, and ask whether we’re achieving the right balance of skills and attributes as the world around us changes.

  • 09:20

    Plenary: Scenting the soap. A New, slightly more Selfish approach to Encouraging Pro-Social Behaviour

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    Refreshment Break in the Networking Foyer

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    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

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    Second Stream Continued in Room 2

    • 11:20

      What does it mean to be Human?

      Technologies always offer us models for the way we think about ourselves. So in an era of AI, to what extent can we take this as a model of what humans are? This is more than theoretical musings, as there are very immediate implications for the tools we use to understand ourselves. If we can explain ourselves computationally then surely we can use technology to understand ourselves. But if there is a unique essence to being human then surely there is a need for asking questions. And if the answer is that both are true then how do we combine the resulting measures?

      Key takeaways:

      • Why consumer insights professionals need to ask the question of what it means to be human
      • How we can start to resolve conflict between disciplines and tools by offering meaningful integration
      • Why we still ultimately need humans to understand humans
    • 11:45

      Where AI and Data Science meets Research: The What and The Why

      AI and Data Science are being driven by massive increases in the volume and velocity of data. New techniques are building deeper, richer and more actionable ways of understanding and reaching customers. However, not all behavioural data or science is getting us closer to what motivates customers and why. Simon will be sharing where new deep learning approaches to segmentation are being fused with new and faster research to build rich, deep and actionable insight.

  • 12:05

    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

    • 12:10

      Listening vs Asking in the era of Big Data - The Survey is by No Means Dead

      In the big data era, it’s tempting to ignore “asking questions” in favour of simply listening and watching online behaviours, either because of cost or speed. But this has some methodological flaws and can leave us with blind spots. JT and Ben will explore the current landscape and challenges that brands face and provide some real world examples of how opinion data play a critical role in the “big data” world. 

    • 12:10

      Creating shared value in Market Research

      Working together, agencies and clients can maximise value creation. Their focus shifts to more commercially relevant projects and influence the organisation. In order to do so it is necessary to change ways of working, look for and identify efficiencies. Cooperation is paramount in a relationship that is often push and pull. Small changes however can lead to a successful win-win relationship.

  • 12:30

    Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Foyer

  • 13:10

    Parallel Session in Room 1 & 2

    • 13:15

      How to bring Data Heavy research to Life through Automated Animations

      So you have the data. You spend a lot of money on tracking studies, NPS, customer and staff satisfaction studies.But who reads your charts, are people engaging with your stats, do they use them to create action?

      There is a lot of research that shows that using visuals to communicate data will enable your ‘audience’ to process information faster, improve learning and make it more memorable.As an agency, we have for 30 years been using video and animation to bring research to life and we have a new service aimed specifically at turning data into animations that will help researchers land their messages.

    • 13:15

      Winning Hearts and Minds with Biometrics

      Delegates will learn about the world's first ever in-home biometric survey in market research, what it tells us about fan engagement, interactive online dashboards and the way in which second by second results can be turned into identifiable trends, and what this means for future innovation in research.

      Matt  Roberts
      Matt Roberts
      Global Research Director , Formula 1
    • 13:40

      Using AI to help Asahi Super Dry to understand what Japaneseness means across the world

      Asahi Super Dry has ambitions to become the #1 superpremium beer brand in the world – and a key part of that is to understand the values of Japan which can be communicated across the world. Japan has always been a fascinating space for people in the West, which is great for a brand rooted in a strong Japanese cultural identity, but which also presents its own challenges? Asahi and partnered to look at a broad range of cultural narratives to show how new technology can be harnessed to unlock what it looks like to be authentically human, against a back-drop of an aspirational view of Japaneseness on a global stage.

    • 13:40

      The Post-Truth Business

      Brands are built on trust, but in a post-truth world, they have a serious problem when so much of modern life is now defined by mistrust. Sean Pillot de Chenecey (author of 'The Post-Truth Business') will explore how to rebuild brand authenticity in a distrusting world. This session will take a provocative and inspiring look at how to regain consumer trust in a modern business climate of scandal, fake news and disillusionment. Outputs will cover:

      • Focusing on core-brand truths
      • Forming a post-truth brand manifesto
      • Rebuilding a brand's Reputation Capital 
    • 14:05

      How Coca-Cola are extracting Relevant and Meaningful insights through AI-assisted Insights Platform

      Lauren Raby, project leader for the S&I Connect platform at Coca Cola WEBU, and Mike Sawicz, Coca Cola’s global partner at Market Logic, will share an update on Coke’s highly successful market insights platform, S&I Connect. Together, they’ll showcase how constantly growing volumes of data can be tamed with S&I Connect’s cognitive search capabilities, which find answers to “what do we know about …?” questions from validated research and social media. Lauren will also share successful strategies to engage marketers with insights, and an AI outlook on the platform’s evolution of the platform to become an artificial co-worker for the insights and marketing teams.

      Lauren Raby
      Lauren Raby
      S&I Connect Project Leader, Coca Cola, WEBU
      Mike Sawicz
      Mike Sawicz
      Executive Client Partner, Coca Cola Global Partner, Market Logic
    • 14:05

      AI for Research Pragmatists: What it Means and What you can use it for Today

      Mike will aim to demystify the core concepts and language of artificial intelligence; explain how these apply to market research & analytics; and share some practical examples of solutions being used by agencies and client teams.

    • 14:30

      The Rebirth of Context: How Behavioural Video equips Insight & Data teams for Transformational Change

      Video-streaming technology captures the complexity of real life at scale. The latest analysis tools turn it all into structured, quantitative data. The outcome is robust, relatable insight that goes way beyond recall.

      By looking at individual and aggregate moments against multiple business questions, you can now identify opportunities and demand spaces, collaborate across teams, and drive always-on consumer closeness – all from your desk.

      But to make all that a reality, you need some new working rhythms. You need a different outlook and new skills. It’s going to be essential, and it can’t all be outsourced.

      This presentation will show you how to:

      • Be a legal stalker: Observe real life with people’s full consent
      • Be a centaur: Use hybrid AI-human methods to analyse behaviour  
      • Be a better boss: Nurture the skillset needed to drive and activate new insight
    • 14:30

      Understand your Cognitive Bias

      Research has a well-equipped toolkit of techniques for understanding behaviour including some of the new ones we are looking at today. But what it has lacked is a map of how it all fits together so we know which bits of the toolkit to use. 

      That’s what we’ll be looking at in this session. We’ll look at the 4 different relationships between the conscious and unconscious, Systems 1 & 2, and 7 major cognitive biases. Together this 4x7 gives you the context to understand your issues better.

      Stand back from the day to day battle to see it all in context.

      See the 4 relationships between the conscious and unconscious when we make decisions and 7 major cognitive biases affecting your consumers. And you.

      Understand what’s going on a bit better.

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    Refreshment Break in the Networking Foyer

  • 15:30
  • 16:10

    Fire-Side Chat: Speaking the Language of Business - Elevating the Role of Insights to the Boardroom

    Mike Sawicz
    Mike Sawicz
    Executive Client Partner, Coca Cola Global Partner, Market Logic
  • 16:50

    Plenary: The Key Ingredients to building a Disruptive Global Brand

    James is the founder of the global pudding brand Gü. He is currently involved with another venture, a food brand called - The Coconut Collaborative. In this session, he will share his views and challenges around scaling a start-up food business globally. Based on his entrepreneurial journey, he will share his experiences and insights around product branding, understanding your market inside out and reacting to consumer feedback.

  • 17:20

    Conference Summation and Close