Market Research Summit 2021

"From Insight to Impact"

  • 08:15

    Registration | Coffee & Refreshments

  • 09:00

    Conference Chair - Welcome and Opening Remarks

    How can Insight be used to create significant Business Impact

  • 09:20

    Panel: Data vs Story Dialectic

    Big Data, Small Data, Human Centricity, Drinking from a Firehose, Storytelling, the Power of One, Moving the Heart and the Mind. Researchers are faced with multiple methods and challenges. Especially between qualitative and big data. Fight or friend? Help or hindrance. This discussion will explore successes, failures and the tensions between different approaches in helping to try and get an angle on one version of the truth.

    Martin Oxley
    Martin Oxley
    Managing Director, BuzzBack
  • 09:55

    Is Behavioural Science a Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

    This discussion explores the pros and cons of behavioural science. The panel will debate on the following key areas –

    • Do we need to move beyond System 1 and the unconscious to explain behaviour?
    • How do we make a distinction between behavioural science and behaviour change?
    • Thoughts on the future direction of behavioural science
  • 10:35

    Networking Break

    Refreshments served in the Exhibition & Networking Foyer

  • 10:30

    Two Streams

    • 11:00

      How to Leverage Visionary Brand Experiences

      During this session, we’ll talk about how the market research industry needs to leave the past behind them and start delivering better outputs to their clients.  At Data Liberation, our ethos is in our name: we want people to get the most out of their data, with as little effort as possible.Along with DJS Research, we’ll discuss just how we think that should happen; allowing the research team to focus on delivering strategic analysis and storytelling, rather than spending their time charting endless data, ‘just in case’.

      Attendees will receive a whistle-stop tour of the things we believe are simple changes to deliverables, that will not only excite clients, but show them that quality and speed, can go hand in hand.

      Kirsty  Garrett
      Kirsty Garrett
      Head of Insight , Crown Estate
    • 11:00

      EntSight & Dresscode - Audience Intelligence for Fashion Innovation

      This session will cover the four key learnings from Entsight’s analysis as well as detailing how the brand - Dresscode used their report to optimise and innovate.

    • 11:25

      How Johnson & Johnson Discovered How to Unlock the Hearts and Minds of Consumers with Sustainable Innovation

      Very rarely do brands see an instant increase in product appeal with a sustainable mix, although often brand image is strengthened. Strategir gave Johnson & Johnson a clear understanding of the balance between functional, emotional and social messages needed to develop a winning mix for their sustainable facial wipes and identified four key factors to fulfil shoppers deep psychological purchase motivations.

    • 11:25

      Dynamic and Agile Research Methodologies for Fast-paced Companies

      King is very data-centric, global and agile, which is great but in adapting to pivoting business objectives to adapt to a rapidly changing market landscape, research and insights also need to follow suit.

      In other words, the brand (in this case, the Candy Crush’s) story is ever evolving even as we are telling the story with data to shape the story itself. This has presented me with the challenge of making research even more agile, proactive, contextual and actionable. I would like to share how we are adopting new research methodologies leveraging crowd-sourced data (VoxPops, PlaytestCloud, panels etc) more and more for quicker turn-around in addition to traditional qual and quant.

    • 11:50

      The Future of Renting in 21st Century Britain – Giving Renters a Previously Unheard Voice

      This is a case study based presentation that will take the audience through the story of how immersive, ongoing research into renters in modern day Britain has helped give a voice to this media misrepresented audience and how it has tackled several misnomers and bust numerous myths into how this audience thinks, feels and behaves.  

    • 11:50

      Big Attention on Small Screens

      The presentation will review the challenges brands face in trying to get attention today, and how prior research has identified best practices for seizing attention. However, mobile has been a challenge to measure in a reliable fashion, until now. Using just the smartphone, we can more closely replicate real-world usage behaviours to get insight into mobile display effectiveness. We have seen that the same criteria and impact we see in the desktop environment also broadly work in mobile -- but with key differences.

    • 12:15

      Presentation to be confirmed

    • 12:15

      Whale Watching Stories

      Using machine learning analysis to create industry leading customer experiences.

  • 12:15

    Lunch & Networking

    Join us for lunch in the exhibition foyer and partake in competitions for a chance to win great prizes and networking opportunities for meeting new contacts.

  • 13:55

    Two Streams

    • 13:20

      Under the covers of Real Sex

      This presentation will look at the ground-breaking approach taken to getting a holistic understanding of the real sex lives & relationships of people in the UK and US, in order to empower people, both internally and externally, and what it has delivered for the Durex team.

    • 13:20

      Integrating Brand Technology with the Emotionality of Customers

      In this session we will consider how interfacing and automation needs to consider the engagement of the faulty human (customer) brain. We will explore how automation and brand AI interfacing needs to include the understanding of how consumers brains do and do not work in terms of brand engagement and relationships. That the human brain is not computational or fact driven. We will demonstrate what things brands need to consider in terms of development successful and engagement customer communications.

    • 13:45

      Driving Commercial Opportunities At F1 Races With WiFi Analytics And Technology

      The key takeaways from the session will be to:

      • Understand how you can use WiFi Analytics to gain rich insights that drives commercial decision making and opportunities across a business.
      • Understand how you can analyse over 35 million data rows of mobile phone pings to understand fan movement around an F1 circuit.
      • Understand the physical interaction and behaviours of attendees at a Formula One Grand Prix, measuring the impact of F1 fan activations and merchandise using sensors to improve fan experience.
    • 13:45

      The secret thought process that decides what we buy

      “System 3 thinking” an unconscious decision-making process that has only recently been identified by Neuroscientists. Based on research among over 20,000 people, this paper will describe how and when System 3 thinking occurs.  It will demonstrate its importance when trying to link claimed product preference to actual consumer buying behaviour. And it will show marketing needs to change to influence System 3 thinking. The session will:

      • Describe a new research methodology that can be used to understand this System 3 thought process
      • Demonstrate how it can predict behaviour using a combination of survey research and store card data
      • Identify subconscious customer needs that conventional research is unable to identify
    • 14:10

      Connecting the Dots in Audiences’ Daily Touch-Points with News Media Brands

      This session will tell the story of how Dow Jones and Kadence worked in partnership to connect the dots across a complex set of departments, empowering them to see their customer in a new light, and drive product innovation forward including:

      • How partnership and collaboration was achieved to deliver truly actionable insights
      • How we blended traditional and cutting edge techniques to unpick conscious and subconscious behaviours
      • How insights were activated across the business to deliver innovation and customer-centric change
    • 14:10

      10 years, 10 trends: The Big Changes that will Impact the World of Insight in the Coming Decade

    • 14:35

      Developing a Fixture for the Future

      Innocent is set to become the UK’s favourite little healthy drinks in 2020 and have ambitious plans for the On The Go sector. As part of their plans for the future, innocent commissioned a comprehensive programme of research to not only observe and explore current behaviours, but to go beyond the hear and now and build a future view of the category. We will share:

      • How we tackled the project and went beyond more traditional shopper research methodologies
      • What we learnt – how emerging cultural trends are influencing shoppers needs and aspirations, and how the OTG fixture can better meet those changing needs in the future
      • How innocent used these learnings to create a fixture of the future utilizing VR technology
      • What innocent have done as a result of the research and how it has shaped their OTG strategy going forward 
    • 14:35

      Panel: B2B Quali Participants are Special, just like Consumers - Truly Creative Qualitative vs Bowing to the Stereotype?

      This discussion will explore different views and opinions of B2B qual research techniques. Are the current standard techniques working? If not, what do we do?

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    Networking & Refreshment Break

  • Closing Session