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    Opening Note: The Myths, Challenges and Truth about Social Data Analysis

    Ever wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing with social data?  Felt like burning it all to the ground? Been pulling your hair out because you can’t quite get the answer? Tried to use a tool only to find you’ve really no idea how to get the insight you were promised?

    In the last year I’ve interviewed hundreds of people who analyse social data as part of their job. These are just some of the things that these people have been feeling. And, it is no wonder why. There’s no formal accredited education, no best practice, no how to’s, guidelines or frameworks. We’re working in the dark and given tools with the promise that they will find ‘the insight is in the noise’ but they rarely do. In this session we’re going to cover:

    • The myths of social data analysis
    • The challenges that everyone is facing but no one talk about
    • The truth about getting return on investment from social data initiatives
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    Community Chat: Social Listening for Audience Understanding

    The key theme of the talk will be about how (in addition to the quant aspects of social listening data – huge volumes, unprompted commentary) the richness of the data allows brands to gain a really nuanced, qualitative understanding of their target audiences. In this session as an example; we will take a look at the topic of food. Having gathered a sample of social conversation around food topics, we will explore how a number of different analysis techniques such as - Brand Reputation, Trends, AI image analysis, Linguistic analysis and Timescale can be used to understand people’s attitudes to different food topics, and how these differ regionally in the UK. 

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    Think Twice Tweet Once: The Art of Conversation Analytics

    Pete Doyle, has trained over 2,000 shop floor colleagues over the last 10 years from small start ups to large scale international retailers. In this session he will show you how to unlock customer engagement on social media with examples from his clients and the art of conversation analytics.

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    Concurrent Sessions

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      Round-Table Discussion 1 - The Power of Consumer Feedback

      How listening to reactions can drive better brand performance on social media. What are the best strategies to implement powerful feedback techniques and how to extract key insights that impact business decisions.

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      Private Meetings 2

      1:1 Meetings with Agency Partners and Solution Providers 

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      Round-Table Discussion 2 - How to Establish a Data-Driven Culture

      Data and analytics are at the heart of digital business. Implementing modern analytics technology is challenging enough, but success also requires a shift in organizational culture — and influencing people to change is hard! This discussion will explore - How to overcome barriers to cultural change? How to implement data and analytics as a core driver of digital business?

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      Private Meetings 3

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    Panel Discussion: The Data Whisperers - Actionable Insights from Social Data

    Given the plethora of data sources and inputs, one of the biggest challenges brands face today is how to approach the wealth of social data they have at their disposal and focus on those insights that hold the potential to unlock new opportunities for their businesses.

    Jane Fieldsend
    Jane Fieldsend
    Social Insights Manager , L’Oréal UKI
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    Concurrent Sessions

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      How to Conduct Cost-Effective Market Research using Rich Social Data

      Are you putting off conducting market research and understanding your customers better because you're worried it will cost your business 5 or even 6 figure sums? Most businesses perceive this as a costly exercise. But Facebook’s rich user data makes it incredibly easy to ask the right questions to the right people for less than a price of a latte.

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      Private Meetings 5

      1:1 Meetings with Agency Partners and Solution Providers

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      Make It Social - Case Studies from the Charity Sector

      You don't need a massive budget in order to achieve your organisational goals on social media. In this session, we take a look at how three charities - Autistica, Bliss, and Islamic Relief, use social media to build their communities, drive engagement, and raise funds online. Find out what key takeaways you can apply to your organisation - How social media data can shape an organisation's content plan, the best way they can have that feed into their content creation and engagement process, and how they can solicit support from their target audience, whether that is funds, petition signatures, or volunteers.

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      Social Insight through to Strategy and Execution - Doing it Right

      Insights on customers and business opportunities are rarely commissioned in a vacuum. And that campaign needs to happen ASAP. Sound familiar? Simon and Ed outline the perfect insights project from identifying the need to executing a well balanced digital campaign.

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      Private Meetings 7

      1:1 Meetings with Agency Partners and Solution Providers

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    The Rise of the Multidimensional Consumer in the Economy of Now

    Consumers are running away from brands that are trying to control their behaviour. Research demonstrates that consumer engagement depends on the context and personalized shopping lifecycle, but how can brands in the digital era be relevant without being creepy? 

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    Private Meetings 8

    1:1 Meetings with Agency Partners and Solution Providers

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    Digging Deeper in to People's Social Behaviours

    Negative/positive sentiment, volume of conversations, conversation spikes... for a lot of brands these elements stand for social listening. But if researchers and planners limit their analysis to these, they will miss an opportunity to unearth killer insights that can shape communication through the line. We will explore together how to dig deeper into people’s passions and behaviours using social listening, and ultimately uncover valuable insights.

  • 15:45

    E.T. Phone Home - Analysing Behaviour for the Simple Truth

    Are you from the same planet as the people you are communicating with? The tsunami of digital advertising and the eagerness of brands to ‘engage’ can just add a whole load of complexity to the brand experience. Reaching diverse audiences and differentiating your brand requires discovering what is remarkable, essential and uniquely true about you and articulating this compelling truth as powerfully and simply as possible to cut through the noise. 

  • 16:15

    Measuring the Intangible: Embracing Culture for ROI

    The trajectory of digital advancement isn’t showing the slightest signs of slowing. The brands leading the digital charge, and leading the way, are paying attention to what shapes us all – culture. They know that tapping into culture is key to be the best performing brand. And while culture might seem ambiguous and indefinable, the converse is actually true. There’s substantial evidence that tapping into culture is working and by using data, tangible ways to measure performance. Measure the metrics that extend beyond likes and shares and you paint a robust picture of what’s actually driving business performance.

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