Social Data Summit

3rd June 2020 | Global Online Event

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What’s in it for me as an agency or supplier?

As a solution or service provider you have the opportunity to showcase your products/services to a targeted audience keen to hear from potential business partners.

1-2-1 Meetings: Join a structured meetings programme which matches business need with the right solution. We can help you generate new business opportunities that are qualified, relevant and in line with your commercial objectives. The end-clients will share their challenges and investment intentions – we will share these profiles with you and offer you the opportunity to choose who you meet with. Each scheduled meeting will give you approx 20 minutes to find common ground, explore the potential for further discussion and get that all important foot in the door.

At the event, agencies and suppliers are offered qualified new business opportunities. 

Our matchmaking and 1-2-1 pre-scheduled meetings service helps you find new prospective clients and brands. The 1-2-1 meetings programme can be used as a lead generation service to help suppliers and agencies to secure - 

  • Qualified new business meetings with clients
  • Briefs & RFI/Ps from prospective clients
  • Opportunities to pitch
  • A healthy pipeline of potential prospects

You will be provided access to a portal well in advance of your meetings, list of clients participating, their spending intentions and challenges, giving you the opportunity to fit thoughts around their challenges and get straight down to business in your meetings.

For more information on thought leadership content and how to participate in the 1-2-1 Meetings Program, please contact -