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Conference Chairs

Paul	Edwards	 Edwards Paul Edwards Edwards Ad-man, researcher & futurist Bio
Ben  Leet Ben Leet General Manager YouGov Bio
Andrew			 Gunn Andrew Gunn Partner Jericho Chambers Bio

Conference Speakers

Claire  Baines Claire Baines Head of Insight Smart Energy Bio
Jo Fairley Jo Fairley Serial Entrepreneur & Co-Founder Green & Black's - Organic Chocolate Brand
Martin Oxley Martin Oxley Managing Director BuzzBack
Richard Clarkson Richard Clarkson Head of Strategic Consumer Insights & Segmentation Orange Group Bio
Desirée  Lopez Desirée Lopez CEO Flamingo Group Bio
Christine Stoddart Christine Stoddart Head of Customer Planning and Insight Wilko Bio
Harry Mirpuri Harry Mirpuri Head of Research & Insight London and Partners Bio
James  Sievwright James Sievwright Insight Manager Sainsbury’s Argos
Ulrike  Hamacher Ulrike Hamacher Head of Marketing Analytics Hall & Partners Bio
Charlotte May Charlotte May Head of Market Research Legal & General
Jemma Ahmed Jemma Ahmed Director, Global Market Research Etsy
Martin Farrell Martin Farrell Insight and Intelligence Manager West Sussex County Council Bio
Anthony Fradet Anthony Fradet Chief Operating Officer & Founder Linkfluence UK Bio
Cristina  de Balanzo Cristina de Balanzo Founder and Main Nut Walnut Unlimited Bio
Julia  Ayling Julia Ayling Head of Research & Insights MINDSHARE UK
Rhea Fox Rhea Fox Head of Insight eBay Inc
Duncan Wardley Duncan Wardley Director PwC UK
Sebastian  Prassek Sebastian Prassek Project Manager Happy Thinking People Bio
Anne  Strauss Anne Strauss Market Research Manager Zalando Bio
Dr Anuschka  Muller Dr Anuschka Muller Head of Performance & Intelligence West Sussex County Council Bio
Caroline  Florence Caroline Florence Founder & Director Insight Narrator Bio
Sam  Nunn Sam Nunn Research Director Join the Dots Bio
Peter  Shreeve Peter Shreeve Senior Insight Manager The Open University Bio
James  Wycherley James Wycherley CEO Insight Management Academy Bio
Ian  Murray Ian Murray Co-founder and Partner house51 Bio
Dylan  Brownsword Dylan Brownsword Director Tempo Bio
Dr Jane Leighton Dr Jane Leighton Director Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, UK Bio
Carol Ashby Carol Ashby Brand and Advertising Research, Vice President Barclays Bio
Greta  Baisch Greta Baisch Research & Consumer Insight Facebook Bio
Yini Guo Yini Guo Marketing Science Facebook/Instagram Bio
Joe Catling Joe Catling Head of Analytics Relish Research Bio
Rupesh  Patel Rupesh Patel Audience Insight Sky Bio
Laura Gillespie Laura Gillespie Research Director ABA Research Bio
Tim Quinlan Tim Quinlan Customer & Market Insight Manager Superdry Bio
Catherine Abbey Catherine Abbey Insights and Planning Manager daa (formerly Dublin Airport Authority) Bio
Paul Carney Paul Carney Managing Director Bonamy Finch Bio
Julian  Mellini Julian Mellini Strategic Analyst NFL UK, National Football League Bio
Patrick  Fagan Patrick Fagan Head of Emotion Sciences CrowdEmotion Bio
Colin Strong Colin Strong Head of Behavioural Science Ipsos Bio
Ian Wright Ian Wright Head of Insight Transport Focus Bio
Nadim  Sadek Nadim Sadek CEO TransgressiveX Bio
Adrian Lawlor Adrian Lawlor Marketing and Business Development Director Kepak Convenience Foods Bio
Abi Moorcock Abi Moorcock Associate Director Irrational Agency
David  Penn David Penn Founder and MD Conquest Bio
Rankin  Carroll Rankin Carroll Global VP Customer Marketing Mars Inc Bio
Francois Erner Francois Erner Chief Innovation Officer respondi Bio
Matthew Twist Matthew Twist Executive Client Partner Market Logic Software Bio
Sam Whitehead Sam Whitehead Insights Manager Blippar Bio
Chris  Watkins Chris Watkins Professor of Artificial Intelligence University of London - ‎Royal Holloway
Jo Olley Jo Olley Insight Manager The Open University Bio
Richard  Fero Richard Fero Research Manager BBC Bio
Giulio  Dulcinati Giulio Dulcinati R&D Scientist Digital MR Bio

Brand Marketing Day

Content-led forum for heads of marketing, brand directors and CMOs to learn and network with fellow peers. Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 meetings arranged with select agencies

March 20th 2018

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