Tackle grocery disruption with faster speed to insight

Tackle grocery disruption with faster speed to insight

As part of Market Logic’s ‘Disruptors’ series of webinars on best practices to tackle industry disruption, experts from Ipsos and IGD share their views on emerging trends and insights in the Retail industry and how to tackle this disruption with faster speed to insight.

Alison Chaltas, Global President P2P at Ipsos and Toby Pickard, Senior Innovations & Trends Analyst at IGD  reflect on this year’s outlook for the Grocery industry. Martin Rückert, Market Logic’s Chief AI Officer, joins the discussion with a Q&A session to close.

Topics include;

  • Omnichannel shoppers
  • Alibaba’s HEMA store format
  • How companies are catering to gluten-free and lactose-free customers and other lifestyles
  • Shopper expectations changing from next-day delivery to 1-hour delivery windows and what that data means

The webinar closes with a Q&A session with Martin Ruckert and the experts discussing these trends.

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Alison  Chaltas Alison Chaltas Global President P2P Ipsos
Toby  Pickard Toby Pickard Senior Innovations & Trends Analyst IGD